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Adhesive cartridge

Artificial grass adhesive is used for two reasons: to install artificial grass directly onto hard surfaces such as stone or paved patios, wood/timber decking, concrete, laminated flooring surfaces, or brick; and as application to seaming tape in order to adjoin two cuts of artificial grass.

In the first instance, the adhesive makes for a really quick and simple installation tool. There is no need for nails or timber frames or sub-bases. The artificial grass can be laid out across the installation area, the adhesive applied to its latex backing material and, 12 hours later, the job is complete and ready to walk on.

In the second instance, for areas that are fitted to custom shapes and sizes, two cuts of artificial grass are joined together using the adhesive. A length of seaming tape is run down the middle of the join, and the adhesive applied directly to the tape.

price £5.00per cartridge

Each cartridge will provide enough adhesive for approximately 3 – 4 linear metres of artificial grass or seaming tape.