Artificial grass in the North West

Our artificial grass has a great variety of uses and applications. We supply grass for residential gardens, patios, decks and borders. We also fit bowling greens, cricket wickets, tennis courts and play areas. We have good experience serving artificial grass to the North West of England from a manufacturing base in Lancashire. We offer a buy-online facility for our customers which processes orders and calculates delivery automatically. To discuss delivery times or specify custom requirements, please feel free to drop us a line: Quick Enquiry.

Why Town Grass?

Once laid, our grass can last for up to ten years and only requires a fraction of the up-keep that real grass requires. You can clean as you would a patio, deck or indoor carpet and, of course, it doesn’t require mowing. We offer a five year warranty on all grass products and we are happy to provide guidance and advice throughout your DIY installation.

Artificial Grass in the North West

We Serve

Cumbria, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Liverpool and Merseyside, Cheshire,and the whole of the North West

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